Grant Summary
Artist Statement
Distilling collected material into anthropomorphic forms, my works address the cross-section of personal narrative, cultural heritage and a shared human condition. My works creates an ongoing mythology that speaks of life and death, birth and decay. Its focus is considering every perspective and then shedding, creating rituals of rebirthing and initiation, of reevaluating, dismantling and rebuilding “self” through natural and man-made materials. My hope is that viewers will experience their own initiation ritual for the release and (re-)introduction of our shared anatomical foundations.
  • ˈôltər 2017, Lorna Williams, Rope, chain, bike handle, steal, skeleton arms, beads, glass jars, hair, honey, coffee, Florida water, dead insects (bee, scarab, cicada), snake shedding, snake corpse, copper pipe and various hardware, leather, springs, paper. Courtesy of the artist.

  • sprung 2017, Lorna Williams, Rope, chain, ford truck grill, springs, hair, plaster teeth, camera lens, light fixtures, root, faucet, alligator hand, violin neck, copper, paper, various hardware, wood, bike breaks, hinges, metal stand. Courtesy of the artist.

  • lore 2017, Lorna Williams, Plaster teeth, vines, plumbing hardware, light fixture. Courtesy of the artist.

  • attuned 2016, Lorna Williams, Plumbing hardware, bike parts, music instrument parts/strings, electrical hardware, copper mesh, hexagon nuts, copper wire, fan stand/parts, clock. Courtesy of the artist.