Grant Summary
Artist Statement
My work stems from the need to discover generative contexts for surviving the assaults on the bodies and psyches of those who find ourselves peripheral to hegemonic orders. Through a multidisciplinary approach rooted in an endurance-based performance practice, I utilize my body as a site for the presentation of social and political traumas. I am interested in the ways physical and ideological bodies are constructed and reinforced (via trauma) but also how, paradoxically, it is through enduring such duress that these bodies are able to cathartically transcend their afflictions. Currently, my projects are rooted in elevating the bodies that are continually ignored, feared, and assaulted within social contexts. These artistic investigations are instrumental in my commitment to creating spaces for those of us who live in bodies relegated to the margins—spaces that demonstrate the power of possibility, spaces that allow us to collectively imagine and work towards more fruitful futures.
  • A Monumental Offering of Potential Energy 2016, EJ Hill, Wood, LED neon flex, and durational performance. Photo by Adam Reich.

  • A Declaration 2017, EJ Hill, Neon. Photoby Ruben Diaz.

  • The Necessary Reconditioning of the Highly Deserving 2017, EJ Hill, Installation. Photo by Ruben Diaz.