Grant Summary
Research support for new models of artistic collaboration based on Allen’s work as director of Machine Project in Los Angeles.
Artist Statement
As the founder and director of Machine Project, I am fascinated by complex forms of collaboration. For this project I will be working to develop new models and methods for understanding authorship in collaborative projects, in hopes that these models might be useful for other partnerships and for creative fields in general. By focusing on the relationship between my artwork as an individual and my work as a curator and organizer, I am searching for a way to understand my own role as an author and for how to propose working models for other artist-organizers. I am optimistic that this project has potential to be a real, liberating alternative to the corporate, singular-authorship model of the art market.
  • Mindreading Right and Left Brain 2011, Mark Allen with Krystal Krunch, Workshop. Courtesy of Machine Project.

  • Gothic Arch Speed Metal 2008, Mark Allen with Christy McCaffrey, Sara Newey, Mark Richards, and Alexy Yeghikian, Perfomance. Photo: Bernard Brunon. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Infantcore 2012, Mark Allen, Performance. Courtesy of Machine Project.

  • Rime of the Ancient Mariner Carousel Edition 2010, Mark Allen with Joshua Beckman and Emily Lacy, Performance. Courtesy of Machine Project.