Grant Summary
Artist Statement
b. 1990 Ponce, Puerto Rico. Agroceramist, artist and environmental advocate. now I focus on things so small I cannot see them • studying clay on the island to filter water • the past to understand our present • creating ceramic works that are immediately fragments • productive failures • an archeology by the living for the living • tools for the study of a longer lasting ceramic object • the beginnings of locally producing a water filter • in wake of the accelerated landgrab • with clay from under our feet • in different scales • from politics of isolation • articulating exchanges across the archipielago • production between islands • a space that we generate • infrastructure that we create • a network of kilns • a vessel that holds what we ingest • separating pathogens from water • vacuums that trap bacterias and viruses • in the meandering paths of a porous filter • tortuosity • like a winding river • sawdust burns out of clay • leaving small cavities • this is now potable.
  • Tierrafiltra, 2019, Amara Abdal Figueroa, Covers for a molding project description book, 35 mm photography, ceramics, illustration. Photo by Amara Abdal Figueroa; Paula del Toro.

  • Harvesting P O N C E Clay, 2019, Amara Abdal Figueroa, documenting clay studies with 35 mm photography 11” x 17”. Courtesy of the artist.

  • A complete series of test recipes & su traducción poética, 2018 & 2019, Amara Abdal Figueroa, Mixed - ceramic recipe notes & photocopy. 11" x 17". Courtesy of the artist.

  • Studies of and at Camp Tabonuco in Jayuya, 2018 & 2019, Amara Abdal Figueroa, A workshop, ceramic material studies, 35 mm photography. 11 x 17. Courtesy of the artist.