Grant Summary
Support for the recreation of Last Supper, a mixed media installation examining diabetes in native communities, to be shown in various locations in Indian Territory, US and Canada.
Artist Statement
My artwork is based on memories of family and culture within a three dimensional environment through the use of materials, objects, and technology to build a visual narrative. For the past eight years I have been developing a series of installations based on the issue of diabetes in the native communities. “Last Supper,” a site-specific installation, is a commentary on how the food we are eating today is making a negative impact within our native communities, as diabetes has become an epidemic and we cannot continue to ignore the warnings. One out of every six native people will develop diabetes or be affected by the disease. Based on my family and tribal history this number seems to be low. While the native community is re-educating themselves and trying to change the way that we are eating we are also finding these changes to be double handed. Realistically this isn’t going to happen overnight due to the economics of many native families for many of the food we serve is part of our traditional meal that we are not going to change. Essentially the issue has become a dilemma.
  • Last Supper , C. Maxx Stevens Courtesy of the artist.

  • Last Supper , C. Maxx Stevens Courtesy of the artist.