Grant Summary
Support for the first iteration in Phoenix, AZ of Sleepover, a series of activities with diverse constituents exploring re-entering society after incarceration.
Artist Statement
Sleepover grapples with complex issues of individuals reentering society after incarceration. Working in Phoenix, AZ with former convicts, their families, crime victims, criminal justice workers, faith-based service providers, politicians, and others, I will convene a series of interrelated discussions and engagement activities, including overnight stays together. This core group of diverse and even opposing constituents will work together over time in shared-intimate spaces to reconsider their understandings of re-entry and their relationships to one another, to initiate new partnerships, and to rethink social systems. Some events will open to the public and media in reflective and generative ways.
  • Byron Frank began collaborating with Sale as an inmate in 2011, and continues to participate as a returning citizen , Gregory Sale Photo: Stephen Gittins and Jason Dillon.