Grant Summary
Artist Statement
I have been performing for 15+ years as my alter-ego Dynasty Handbag. Dynasty Handbag multi-charactered vessel of emotive rage, queer failure, bad fashion, unexpressed grief and hair issues. I use live performance and video as my main mediums. I have performed in the most elitist fancy dumps to the most glamorous glorious dives. I am an Aquarius vegetarian lesbian if that wasn't clear already. My biggest artistic accomplishment is not quitting.
  • backstage at Joeʼs Pub 2017, Dynasty Handbag Photo by Charlie Gross.

  • backstage at Weirdo Night 2018, Dynasty Handbag Photo by Indra Dunis.

  • “Vague” at MOCA Los Angeles 2016, Dynasty Handbag Photo by Miles Pettengill.

  • Dynasty Handbag, video still from “I Hate This Place” 2020, Dynasty Handbag