Grant Summary
Artist Statement
In my twenty year career, I’ve created original solo theater works and ensemble plays that have toured across North America, UK, Hong Kong and Nigeria. I’ve made guerilla theater actions and community based theater projects. My essays, films, and web projects have gone viral. I am influenced by culture jammers like Banksy, Michael Moore and the Yes Men who subvert the performances of everyday life to make social commentary and change. I am also inspired by immersive theater and interactive performance art work that blur the lines between performance and real life. This journey has led me to where I am today, an elected official in Koreatown Los Angeles who is serving her term as a simultaneous work of performance art, while running the Auntie Sewing Squad, a shadow Government Aid Operative/ national sewing collective during this pandemic. My aesthetic is subversive, humorous, and endearingly inappropriate.
  • Kristina Wong birthed through the American Flag promo photo for “Kristina Wong for Public Office” Photo by Tom Fowler.

  • Kristina Wong fighting with hashtags promo photos for “The Wong Street Journal” Photo by Tom Fowler.

  • Kristina Wong, Self-Portrait as Overlord of the Auntie Sewing Squad Photo by Kristina Wong.

  • Kristina Wong being sworn in as an elected representative of the Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council by fellow board member Angie Brown on a copy of Augusto Boal’s “Legislative Theater” Photo by Natalie Connors.