Grant Summary
Artist Statement
In the last 25 years, I have engaged in a number of both collaborative and individual projects. As an artist I have developed several art works including video documentaries, photography and video-based installations, community-based art projects and public art. These works often invoke collaborations with the subjects and invites both intimate and critical reflections on topics related to immigration, tourism, housing, labor and surveillance technologies. Given the multitude of formats in these projects, they have been successfully shown in many different venues: from international film festivals to art biennials, public TV, galleries, museums, community centers, empty city lots, billboards, abandoned schools and university campuses.
  • This Is Not In Spanish 2008-2013, Sergio De La Torre Video Installation – neon, architectural model Courtesy of the artist.

  • DACA 2020, Sergio De La Torre Silkscreen, Edition of 50 16 x 16 inches Courtesy of the artist.

  • The Sanctuary City Project 2020, Sergio De La Torre Vinyl Banners 6 banners 2 x 6 feet Courtesy of the artist.