Grant Summary
Support for The War Within: Healing the Wounds, a feature-length documentary capturing the lives of veterans and active duty soldiers of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Artist Statement
My documentary film and multi-media artwork is shaped and influenced by my direct experience as a daughter raised by Chinese immigrant garment worker parents. This upbringing undoubtedly formed who I am as an artist today. In my artwork, I approach social issues through my own personal story, family narrative, and community’s history. My body of work has explored issues ranging from labor rights, immigrant justice, gender equity, and militarism. Elevating the voices of communities directly impacted by oppression, poverty, racism, and war is at the core of my work. In particular, I am interested in documenting and preserving the courageous and resilient stories of those who have boldly come forward to organize for social change. I am moved by people’s stories and struggles and see it as an important vehicle for social justice.
  • Director Betty Yu filming Veterans Day Action at Main Gate of Fort Hood Army Base in Killeen, TX , Betty Yu Photo: Under the Hood Cafe.

  • Iraqis and U.S. Veterans Demand the Right to Heal , Betty Yu Photo: Erick Boustead.