Grant Summary
Support for ongoing work.
Artist Statement
I have been obsessively creating images since I was four years old. These energetic and crude themes all had to do with movement, things in motion, and various depictions of cats. This inner necessity was constantly contested to the extent that my father refused to send me to college. Once there on a full scholarship, my painting was berated as being “too masculine.” The denigrations were endless. Later, the curious disproportion was to be appreciated for my performative actions while my main body of work, the painting/constructions, film, and objects, were occluded by the emphasis on my physical actions. At last these disproportions are dissolving and there is an appreciation of the full scope of my work underway.
  • Flange 6rpm , Carolee Schneemann Photo: Susan Alzner.

  • Precarious , Carolee Schneemann Photo: Chris Brown.