Grant Summary
Artist Statement
I use performance, video, installation and narrative when considering identity, gender, transnationalism, the environment, and impacted subjectivities. Over the last decade my work has started to resonate with local environmental issues that have global impact, as well as issues of care, ethics and maternity. My methodology is grounded in the pedestrian lived experience of specific localities. From this research and experience I have continually built affective and aesthetic relationships between people, their lived experience, land, infrastructure, motherhood, gender roles, everyday objects and gestures of care. My work has a capacity to explore complex subjects nearly simultaneously, as does life.
  • Invocation for a Wandering Lake, Part Il 2016, Patty Chang, video projection on bifold cardboard panels, Photo by Hai Zhang.

  • Letdown(milk) 2017, Patty Chang, Inkjet Print - detail from installation, Image Credit by Patty Chang/BANK/MABSOCIETY.

  • Glass Urinary Device 2017, Patty Chang, hand blown borosilicate glass, tape, plastic, Dimensions Variable, Photo by Hai Zhang.