Grant Summary
Support for ongoing work.
Artist Statement
I make work that is big, friendly, and direct. I work almost exclusively on crafting representations of the physical and political world and I try to create images that distill and explain – I don’t shy away from the didactic but, rather, lean into it. To the extent that the work becomes complex, it is because I’m working to represent what is inherently hard to perceive or conceive. I'm interested in the ways that marginalized communities are represented in map, diagram, and anecdote, and I develop counter-visualizations. My hope is that the things I make will help people to see familiar places and circumstances in an unfamiliar way.
  • Willowbrook is/es 2013, Rosten Woo, Multimedia. Photo by Tiffanie Tran/Alyse Emdur.

  • Haystacks 2015, Rosten Woo, Digital. Courtesy of the artist.

  • LA River Interpretive Signage Program #3 2015, Rosten Woo, Installation/printed aluminum. Photo by Gina Clyne.

  • DCA TEMPORARY INTERVENTION 2014, Rosten Woo, 2 color risograph print. Courtesy of the artist.